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Project Silver

Revenue: $2,311,041

Profit: $671,817

Status: Available

38-Year-old British Heritage Jewellery Brand with 98% Amazon Sales (UK)

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Project Lingerie

Revenue: $4,444,266

Profit: $861,857

Status: Available

10-Year-old Lingerie & Nightwear E-commerce Brand (UK)

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Software / SaaS

Project Veda

Revenue: $808,154

Profit: $539,797

Status: Under Offer

Shopify Development Company with 8 Live Apps and 6,000+ Reviews (Southeast Asia)

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Software / SaaS

Project Lollipop

Revenue: $3,370,879

Profit: $712,428

Status: Available

Leading Shopify Marketing SaaS with $2,125 LTV (Southeast Asia)

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Project Coffee

Revenue: $920,383

Profit: $283’424

Status: Under Offer

Amazon FBA Coffee & Supplement brand (UK) with repeat customers

Niche Focus

We advise solely digital-first businesses

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SaaS businesses with recurring revenue up to $10m in ARR. From Shopify apps to vertical CRMs.

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E-commerce D2C brands selling on their website/marketplace (e.g. Amazon FBA brands)

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Marketplaces, forums, content sites, lead generation & affiliate businesses, paid newsletters, etc.


Your Extra Financial Muscle

For High Stake Situations


When you run your own e-commerce business, chances are you are already busy: struggling with Amazon, raising container prices, launching new products, managing your PPC campaigns, expanding to new markets, growing your team - the list is endless.


When selling your business, raising capital, or taking over another company, the stakes are high.

And many things can go wrong.

Even if you have a smart CFO, it's unlikely that you'll get the best outcome without a capable advisor who is dedicated to serving your interests and navigating you through the pitfalls.


We Speak Your Language

100% Actionable Advice, 0% Finance Jargon

From the big picture to the tiny details, we understand E-commerce businesses thoroughly. 


We own and operate e-commerce businesses in our group. We run our Shopify stores in 6 countries and we sell on Amazon too.

Working with Array guarantees that you have a financial partner on your side who has domain-specific knowledge. 

You won't have to waste your time explaining to us how your business works. Rather, we can focus from day one on creating value and moving you closer to your objectives.

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The Array Difference

Simple Values that Go a Long Way

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 Clear Focus 

Laser focus on E-commerce and software businesses.

This narrow focus allows us to serve our clients exceptionally.



We do business in an honest, respectful, old-fashioned way.

We speak frankly and
we admit our mistakes.

 Long-Term Thinking 

We build long-term relationships that are based on mutual trust.

We believe in good karma and like to pay forward favors without keeping track of them.


Based in Zürich, Switzerland

Supporting Entrepreneurs Globally


Array is headquartered in Zürich, one of the largest financial hubs in Europe.

Blending languages, cultures and being in the heart of Western Europe allows us to efficiently support transactions globally.

Thanks to our location, we have direct access to leading venture capital firms, family offices, investment funds, and wealthy private individuals seeking to invest in digital assets.

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