Thinking of selling your SaaS?
Do it the smart way

Getting advice pays off

Working with the right financial advisor can help you sell your business for more (even after the fees) while taking a significant workload off your shoulders.
How We Help
1 - Pre-sale Evaluation
We help you prepare your business for the sale so that it's in top shape when the sales process begins.
2 - Sales Material Preparation
We produce high quality, trustable and professional sales materials with convincing story telling that increase the desirability of your business.
3 - Extensive Buyer Outreach
On top of our own network of buyers and investors, we conduct an extensive outreach to maximize the chances of attracting the right buyer.
4 - Negotiation Support
We help you navigate the murky waters of negotiations doing our best to get you the best possible terms.
Array Capital doesn't offer legal, accounting or tax advice.

Simpe Values
that go a long way

We care about your SaaS
We care about your business like we were selling our own. We go the extra mile to get the best results.
We tell the way it is
We don't sugarcoat the truth or play any games to win the sale. We like old-fashioned frankness.
We do the right thing
We have high moral standards and we try to do the right thing in every situation. We never jeopardize our reputation for monetary gains.

Working with Array

Terrific experience
Array Capital marketed our software, found a buyer, facilitated the sale, and helped us achieve a successful exit, and helped his buyer acquire a great software asset. Really terrific experience and would definitely do business with Attila and Array Capital again. Thanks!

John Erck

Showcase / Rebuy Engine

Array Capital made our exit successful
Thanks to them, we were considered serious sellers in the eyes of potential buyers. They used their network to come up with 3 offers in less than a month. We ended up in a bidding war, and it was managed perfectly by Array Capital.

Derek Morin


Excellent company
They were very efficient and also persistent in finding the right buyer for our business. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anybody looking to sell their business.

Jamie Sukroo


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